Swiss credit without credit rating.

A Swiss credit with no credit rating could come from a dubious credit broker. Every loan seeker now knows that there is no loan without the appropriate creditworthiness, because no bank anywhere in the world will lend money without having collateral to repay.

German banks conduct a Credit bureau query before each loan approval. If this has saved negative entries, the loan is usually rejected because the banks speak of poor or even missing creditworthiness. So there will be no credit without a credit rating, but there will certainly be without a credit check. As a rule, the cantonal banks grant loans here if the creditworthiness is correct.

The Swiss credit with no credit rating

The Swiss credit with no credit rating

Without creditworthiness at banks means not being creditworthy. This statement is supported by the Credit bureau. In the case of a Swiss loan with no credit rating, this Credit bureau query is omitted, which is why no credit rating is checked. However, the Swiss banks require other loan safeguards. These are the indispensable regular income that should be above the garnishment limit and an unlimited employment contract. Age also plays a role in a Swiss loan with no credit rating.

The applicant must be 18 years old and should not be over the age of 58. The peculiarities of the foreign loan are shown in the fact that no Credit bureau is queried, but an insight into the public debt register is taken. If there are entries such as ongoing garnishment of wages or there is already an assignment of the salary, no foreign loan will be issued. The amount of the loan depends on the income. Guarantors or other means of securing credit such as real assets are usually not accepted.

The conditions

The conditions

The Swiss bank will carry out a credit check based on the net work income, which must come from a permanent position. In addition, the loan seeker should have been in permanent employment for a year. The amount of Swiss credit without a credit rating is limited. A loan of $ 3,500 can be granted with an effective annual interest rate of 11.62%, the minimum income as a single person must show at least $ 1,130 net.

The second loan option is 5,000 USD with an effective annual interest rate of 11.61%, here the minimum income must already be 1,600 net. Both loan amounts are subject to a term of 40 months. The loan installments amount to $ 105.95 for the loan of $ 3,500 and $ 151.36 for the loan amount of $ 5,000.

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