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In November this year Affiliation club members were part of a travelling group of Celtic Fans who travelled to Kenya on a charitable trip, here is the diary of Eddie McGaw:

Wed 24th we travelled from glasgow to nairobi via amsterdam and arrived late on the wed night in the homeland of victor,
on the thursday we travelled to nakuru which is kenyas 4th biggest town and after driving 120 miles in the scorching heat and passing some beautiful scenery on the way we arrived and had some lunch,the group which consisted of affiliation members eddie mcgaw and jamie mcfadzean from creetown and district csc,jimmy gibson from whithornbhoys,liam robinson from

dunbar csc and leonie coyle from tommy Craig also geri mullen,colette green,sandi mckinnon and yas brammer.
the following morning we arrived at the walk centre to begin our work much to the delight of children who remembered eddie and colette green from the previous year,the celtic songs started and everybody was in full flow.
the group then had a day off since it was sat and a safari trip had been arranged for them and a trip to the thomson falls at the equator.1 who went down to bottom of falls wished he hadnt and it was a struggle to get back up for him(me),
sunday was spent at the local church for a 2.5 hour service efore attending a kenyan premier league game which we went in with their ultras and had them singing celtic songs in end,
monday we started back at school and while some went into class to help teach others started to work on swings,climbing frame and a set of goalposts.
the children have nothing and anything you give them is cherished ,friendships were renewed and others started the kids by now were all singing songs .1 word of victor and they were off he is their hero and not just at the school they all love him in kenya and where ever we went we were greeted like lords.
by the end of week the goals and swings and climbing frame were up and were well used .a visit to the local dump to see what it was like then happened and all the group including last years were in floods of tears at the walking about looking for a scrap of food,houses built amongst the piles of rubbish no bigger that 15ft sq housing families of 12 ,also kids that we were teaching walking about in this area and to see the kids we were helping live like this made us all worse.
we then went back to school and handed out all the clothes we had brought with us ,all the 240 kids who attended the school got at least 3 new items of clothing with the many celtic shirts being the higgest in demand.
we also had a fun day for them with games and facepainting and handed out juice,chocolate bars and lollies and chewing gum which was received with grateful thanks from them.on our last day at school again there was many tears and much sadness but also a great deal of pride because as a group we had gave them much happiness and left them with many happy memories of celtic once again,a flag pole was nailed to side of building and a celtic flag was raised on it and it is still flying now as we keep in touch,the goals were painted green and white and the songs are sung daily by the kids.
vitually the whole group is going back next year to the walk centre and it will be when theres an international break in november as much as we loved kenya we hated no seeing celtic.
thanks to everybody for their support and donations
and hail hail.

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