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New rates, new laws … Keep up to date with the latest news on the mortgage market! Lite lender company informs you of all the latest mortgage news, and puts at your disposal its barometer which gives you the best real estate rate, updated day by day by the banks. You also have access to a complete mortgage loan simulation, which allows you to assess all aspects of your financing in advance. Lite lender company also offers you a home loan insurance comparison, thanks to which you will find the best personalized offer, adapted to your situation.

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Real estate rates, real estate credit conditions, market … the real estate world is in perpetual motion! Looking to buy a property ? The best is to learn about all the news of the mortgage and the information of the sector. As a first-time buyer, one can for example ask oneself what are the current conditions of the loan at zero rate. When we have just signed a purchase agreement, we can ask ourselves the following question: are mortgage rates advantageous? Am I entitled to a subsidized loan? Is it better to borrow over 15 or 20 years? Already an owner? What if it was time to renegotiate your mortgage, or make a rental investment? The news that we deliver allows you to see more clearly on the mortgage market.

The provisions related to home loan insurance are also in motion, to the rhythm of the Congilaw company, Mahon law or Bourquin amendment for example … How to understand all these laws which govern real estate credit? Lite lender company gives you all the keys to decipher the news of the mortgage sector by giving you all the information of the moment on the mortgage.

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Lite lender company doesn’t just provide you with all the latest news on the mortgage market: it creates it! And this, through two barometers. The national barometer delivers, at the beginning of each month, the national real estate rates charged. While in the middle of the month, Lite lender company communicates you the mortgage rates region by region: a real mine of information to keep you up to date with the news of the mortgage sector, but also the rates charged by the organizations of loan and banks.

These news on real estate rates, more than a simple presentation, we deliver twice a month a real analysis by professionals in the sector. The goal ? Inform borrowers as best as possible, through our decryption, on market trends. This allows you to obtain complete information on the climate of the mortgage, whether the trend is upward, downward or stable.