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You pay your loan back to the bank at the start of the financing. from multiple pillars, not just a single loan. Find a cheap loan now! Do you have to repay an expensive loan? Rent price and your equity and we tell you which real estate loan you can finance in the long term?



Real estate is expensive – regardless of whether you are buying an existing property, building a new house or upgrading a property. Here and on the next two websites, you will find useful information and tips about mortgages. When buying a property today you have to be very quick. Realtors and property owners often want you to immediately submit a financial confirmation.

Otherwise, another interested partner receives ownership. We compare the conditions at over 400 credit institutions and request a financial confirmation for you on request. That will surely inspire the broker or owner. When looking for a suitable mortgage, online calculators such as Dr. Small can be an important aid incomparability.

Find the suitable financing offer and the suitable house bank

Find the suitable financing offer and the suitable house bank

In order for you to find the suitable financing offer and a suitable house bank, detailed and expert support is recommended in any case, regardless of whether you want to buy a property or a new building. Lite Lender is one of the best financing intermediaries in Germany and has received several awards in the past.

For you this means: professional and, above all, tailor-made advice on questions of buying a house and the best conditions for a real estate loan. With our wide range of comparison calculators for construction or real estate financing, you can understand your options in advance. Why are we with Dr. Small together? We have met a number of financial intermediaries and credit institutions over the years.

For the layperson, you will probably only look at the conditions in the financing offer. Because most financial intermediaries make lead purchases, many financial offers have to be sent to customers. Often the potential buyers are attracted with very favorable conditions so that there is an individual date at all.

That is precisely why we chose Lite Lender decided as a partner for building finance. Lite Lender is in high demand among credit institutions because of its high-quality standards. In addition, Lite Lender made our off-market properties available before we put them online. In this context, it is important that the clients of Dr. Small use our off-market properties. There is currently no cooperation that brings such an additional benefit for real estate transactions, property buyers and mortgage lenders.

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