Credit for unemployed without guarantor

The desire for a loan for unemployed people without guarantors can become a gauntlet at the bank. On the well-known Internet portals, people with little or no uncertain income will not find what they are looking for, because the offers shown here are aimed exclusively at employees with permanent employment contracts. If you do not want to hire and pay for a loan broker yourself, you must try to find a financial institution that will grant you a loan – or to get a bank of money. And that’s not so difficult today.

Real assets instead of surety

Real assets instead of surety

The easiest way to convince a bank of the creditworthiness, if a security can be offered. If the personal credit rating is insufficient, a guarantor can join the contract. However, he wants to be found first, because in the bankruptcy usually required by the bank, the guarantor is liable almost as much for the loan amount as the debtor himself. The bank does not have to sue the borrower first to get their money, but can contact the guarantor directly if payments are not made.

Loans for unemployed persons without guarantors can be secured by real assets. The easiest way is with real estate, because by a mortgage or mortgage the property with its superstructures for the credit. A real estate loan is also possible if the money is not used for construction or renovation. However threatens a non-payment foreclosure, so this step will be well considered. Alternatives to the real estate loan are the security transfer of a car, a classic mortgage loan against the deposit of valuables or a policy loan from a life or pension insurance, in which a surrender value has already been saved.

Loans among Internet friends

Loans among Internet friends

In the past, the first road to family or friends was when the bank did not have much needed money. This perhaps embarrassing course can be saved today, because thanks to the Internet, the principle of credit among friends is now also transferable to third party donors. Peer-to-peer (P2P) is the name of the loan at eye level, although the relevant online platforms bring together parties with very different motivations. Some have money for which they want more return than there are for safe investments such as overnight money or fixed deposits. But they also have to take risks. The others are looking for money, but they do not get it from the banks – because the risk is so high.

These interests match. What comes out of this is not a friendly service, but a contract with high risk interest rates and hard enforcement measures, if the repayment is not running. What remained of the original idea is the flexible award decision despite doubtful creditworthiness, which benefits even the unemployed without guarantors.

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