David Potter’s Reflections: “we won the three points, and in spite of distressing events at Easter Road and McDiarmid Park”


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Good and bad in this game, I thought, but the main thing is that we won the three points, and in spite of distressing events at Easter Road and McDiarmid Park, we remain 5 points ahead with a game in hand.

The goals were all good. Sinclair cleverly took three men with him and left loads of room for Olivier Ntcham who didn’t hang about. (Thank heaven he didn’t try anything daft like bringing it down and playing about with it!). Then a lovely through ball from Stuart Armstrong (who had his best game for the club for a while) to James Forrest who finished well, and then how I loved the way that Scott Sinclair gave himself time to think before he finished off the third. And, I would have to say I thought the Hamilton goal was a good one as well. So a very good entertaining first half!

But what happened to the second? This was where the carelessness crept it. Boyata was clearly injured at one point, but then Simunovich had a horrendous pass back and nearly gifted them a goal. Hamilton had better chances than we did in the second half, but we survived against a team that I would rate as one of the better teams in the League. And three points on a very cold and slippy night were welcome.

The team formation was interesting. Rodgers was right to give both full backs a rest, for they had both been a little rusty of late, but it might have better to give one of the impressive reserve full backs a game rather than a 3-5-2. We do need full backs, I fear, and it was no accident that the moments of danger in the second half came from the wings. Having said that, there is no criticism of Nir Bitton and Kristoffer Ajer who, I thought, had a good game, and I feel there is some promise there.

It was good to see Armstrong and Sinclair back to something like their usual form. Let us hope that it can continue, for they are fine players. Ntcham, Brown and Forrest all played well, but many supporters were asking the question why Griffiths was not given a start. It was right that he was not started against Hibs (because he is a Hibs supporter) but by the same token, he should therefore definitely start against Hearts! He is still, I think, the best of our three recognised strikers, and we shall certainly need him in the weeks to come.

Hamilton are well worth their place in the Premier Division. They were compact, well-organised and never really lost their shape, and it is no surprise that they have had some good results against other teams.

The attendance was disappointing, but the cold weather had a lot to do with that. The Green Brigade kept us cheerful, however. But perhaps for such cold occasions, Celtic could invest in a little grit for the road down to the Emirates bus park, and maybe they could offer some to the bus park itself. It was dangerously slippy last night.


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