David Potter’s Reflections: “Willie Maley’s ghost will be at all unhappy”


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I don’t think that Willie Maley’s ghost will be at all unhappy these days in that other Paradise. The fact that it took 100 years to beat his own record would be a source of pleasure to him, but so too would be the performances of this current team. Death would not stop Mr Maley supporting that club that he more or less made! They are not infallible – the last two games had been a draw and a defeat – but at least, as far as Scottish domestic games are concerned, they remain “invincible”. Nor should we set any limit to how long this can last. One keeps saying that they have to lose sometime… but do they? Let’s just keep winning.

Yesterday’s game was little more than a stroll in the pleasant Perthshire countryside against a St Johnstone side who are normally hard to beat but have clearly hit a bad spell. They have a decent, hard working and likeable Manager and I’m sure he will pull them round if he is given the time and does not allow himself to be seduced by other offers. But yesterday, there was little there to stop Celtic.

This is not to minimise how good Celtic were. A few errors in the first half, but the important thing was that they were immediately corrected and forgiven by a support who clearly appreciated their hard work and hard luck on Tuesday night as well. The goals were well taken, the first one being particularly welcome for two reasons – one was that it will build up the confidence of Scott Sinclair who has been a little short of his best on one or two occasions of late, and the other was that it showed up the folly of all this pushing, handling an jostling of each other in the penalty box, a personal hate of mine. The only thing that really matters is the ball! And Scott found it in space and took great advantage of a particularly intelligent corner kick.

After that, the game was very one-sided. Goals 2 and 3 were well worked (although no 3 had a bit of fortune when the St Johnstone chap got in the way of it) but I loved no 4, not least because it revealed what Olivier Ntcham can do. He too has had a few unfortunate games this season, but we must not give up on him. There is quality there, as indeed there is in the whole Celtic team who played superbly throughout and it would be invidious to single anyone out in what was really a superb team performance.

Credit must also be given to the way that the one minute’s silence was observed. Not everyone agrees with that sort of thing, one appreciates, but it is important to show respect and think of men like Peter Johnstone who lost his life at Passchendaele in 1917 and the thousands of Celtic supporters who did likewise. Celtic supporters have recently won awards and accolades. They are deserved.

But at the risk of becoming a bore about this, just what is the point of all these empty seats at provincial grounds, when there are thousands of Celtic supporters who would fill them? When are clubs like St Johnstone going to realise that? The time will come when TV money might not be enough, and bums on seats will be necessary, even though they wear green and white. Would it be all that difficult for St Johnstone to concentrate their fans into one stand, and thus fill their ground? It is a fine, trim, pleasant ground with nice people. What a shame there are so few of them when we could do something about it! It would look nice on TV screens if it were full.

And so to the International break. What a bore! And I know it is because we don’t have a team there. But we should support both Irelands because they have loads of Celtic supporters playing for and supporting them. As for me, it is Forfar v East Fife next Saturday! And I suppose I could draft my letter to Santa Claus – the return of the League Cup, Europa League entry and still unbeaten by the turn of the year. That is not asking too much, is it?


  1. Edward
    Posted November 6, 2017 at 7:57 pm | Permalink

    I would like to comment on three points
    One and the most important was to see Sinclair score .
    You are correct to say that recently he has appeared to be lacking confidence and hopefully the goal will help that.
    Two, the minute silence was I believe important and welcome.
    Three,the use of the ground is St Johnstone’s affair and their responsibility.
    Any Board of Directors worth their salt should be able to make the best decisions for their Club but ,and I am sure they do,consider their supporters’ views.
    Hail Hail to a great Club, excellent playing staff and Management Team.

  2. Posted November 6, 2017 at 9:22 pm | Permalink

    Glasgow Celtic,Hail Hail….HWG10IAR

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