David Potter’s Reflections: “Once again, we are triumphant”


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Once again, we are triumphant, and once again we celebrate silverware with green and white ribbons on it. 17 times we have now won the trophy, and what a nice feeling it is to contemplate Christmas and New Year with a trophy in our cabinet! How nice it was as well to see so many of our fans heading out of Hampden with smiles on their faces! Well done Brendan and the bhoys!

Yet there were one or two blemishes. The first half was ordinary at best, and poor at worst with loads of poor passing (allowing Chris Sutton to use the word “sloppy” again!) and if anything, Motherwell were possibly as likely to score as Celtic. “Defences on top” is often a euphemism for a poor game. Highlights would have been difficult to find.

But the second half saw a total revolution. Scott Brown started to point and dictate, Scott Sinclair came on to a far better game and everyone upped a gear. James Forrest came good and scored a brilliant goal – once again, as so often last year, scored from just inside the box. The key point came next – and that was Craig Gordon’s marvelous reflex save from Louis Moult’s header. Then the second goal. How I wish we had scored it some other way! It was a dreadfully soft penalty, and the red card was just too ridiculous for words! We really have to get that rule changed! It is draconian and just plain stupid. We have been on the wrong side of that one (remember Efe Ambrose in the League Cup semi-final against Ross County in 2016?) but even when we are on the right side of crazy laws, that does not mean that we can’t object and even in this case sympathize with our opponents.

But as far as the League Cup went, it was irrelevant. Celtic finished well on top, and I feel that they would have been the same even with 11 against 11. Our players all stepped up to the mark, and in the latter stages when Patrick Roberts came on, some of the play was superb. It ended up a very comfortable win and our supporters ended the game in fine voice.

And then we had more evidence of the mutual love affair between players and fans as the League Cup was shown off. Brendan Rodgers apparently gave his medal to a fan. What a man!

So where are we? The unbeaten run is now 65.  One trophy is ours. Let us now go for the other two. And who are our next two opponents? Motherwell! And I saw enough of them to make me think that they will cause us problems. But let us have our moments of celebration, and return on Wednesday fresh for the fray. 10 games remain before the New Year. It would be nice to win them all, wouldn’t it?

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