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The first thing that has to be said about this game is that it was first class entertainment on a bright sunny day at a full Parkhead. The commitment from both teams was good, the pendulum swung to and fro, four good goals were scored and one has to admit that a draw was a fair result.

And yet there is the lingering feeling of unhappiness about this game as well, in that Celtic sold themselves short. Maybe we expect too much following three quite excellent performances at Dundee, Ibrox and Anderlecht, but there were one or two performances which were a little short of top drawer – Ntcham, Hayes, Dembele, Edouard, for example, and oh, how we missed Jozo Simunovich and Scott Brown!

Dembele deserves a little praise for his part in the first goal – an excellent piece of team work – but apart from that, he did little of value on the game, and if the anonymous Edouard had not been hooked at half time, it might have been Dembele. Yet it was the right decision to play him with Griffiths having shot himself in the foot as he allowed himself to be quoted as saying that he wouldn’t celebrate if he scored because of his love for Hibs! Not the right thing to say, Leigh, in the build-up to a game against Hibs! In the event Griffiths did come on in the second half, but did not do much.

Callum McGregor, much feted by the Green Brigade particularly in the first half, had a good game, but Tom Rogic has had better ones, tending to get entangled with his own feet rather too often, and we could have done with seeing a little more of Scott Sinclair. The main fault of the team was that they were far too static, particularly in the second half. Several times Craig Gordon had the ball and Celtic were not moving into position to give him options.

Craig had one magnificent save in the second half, and he remains one of the best shot stoppers in the business, but (as I seem to have said on many occasions) I wish he could kick a ball out properly! Tierney, Boyata and Lustig were OK, but two mighty boots up the park at an earlier stage would have prevented the McGinn goals, and I feel that Jozo might have been the man to do just that!

It cannot be denied that for large parts of the second half, Hibs were the better side with more of a desire to be first to the ball. This lack of hunger can to a point be explained by midweek exertions, but only to a point, for the personnel were different in some cases. It was simply that Hibs were more determined.

Indeed, it was one of the best Hibs teams that I have seen for many years. Celtic’s old bhoys – McGeouch, Stokes and Ambrose were not particularly outstanding, but McGinn was, and like all of Neil Lennon’s teams they have a good work rate and a desire. They will finish high up in the League in my opinion, and will cause damage to quite a few sides. And I do not have to remind you that we play them in the League Cup semi-final in three weeks time! It will be three days after we come back from Bayern Munich, so we will have to up our game.

Referee Willie Collum gave a typical performance with an ill-concealed desire to be controversial. The best referees are the ones that no-one notices, but everyone left Celtic Park today aware that Willie Collum was the referee. One would have to concede that James Forrest’s dive looked theatrical, but there was a foul in it as well. A clear penalty near the end was missed – I suppose one could be charitable and say that Collum played advantage, but surely there can be no advantage greater than a penalty? – and several other fouls were clearly given the wrong way. And it was a good, clean, sporting game! What will he do if he gets a tough game?

The noise and the atmosphere were first class.  The support is upbeat and cheerful. It was a pity that they got a performance today that was a little short of what has been forthcoming of late. Not to worry, though. Lessons will, one hopes, be learned, good hard looks at oneself will be taken under the guidance of Mr Rodgers, and we are still top of the League. Dundee at Celtic Park in a fortnight immediately before the trip to Germany. In the meantime, good luck Scotland and Gordon Strachan!




  1. John McVey
    Posted October 1, 2017 at 9:38 am | Permalink

    Excellent post Kevin. I commend your knowledge of football and your command of the English language.

  2. JOHN
    Posted October 1, 2017 at 11:50 am | Permalink

    I thoroughly enjoy your summation of Celtic matches and your other opinions on football in general.Nothing nasty,for the sake of being nasty.A spade is a spade !I do not like a lot of the bile and silliness put forward by a host of other people who post these views on this web site.The world would be a better place without these sorts.

    Yours sincerely,
    John McD.

  3. Stevie D
    Posted October 1, 2017 at 11:59 am | Permalink

    Gollum doesn’t seem to grasp the concept of playing the advantage rule. Sinclair was clearly impeded and left DISADVANTAGED by Efe’s manhandling while at the other end after a foul Hibs were allowed – as per the advantage rule – to carry on with the attack then make a hash of it only for Collum to revise his decision and award a free kick. He has to learn that you dont apply the advantage rule when no advantage has been gained; and that once advantage is played it’s not infinite. It’s like 2 shots at pool: even in pubs where 2 shots “carry” that doesn’t apply for eternity.

  4. Stevie D
    Posted October 1, 2017 at 12:02 pm | Permalink

    As usual it was ‘The Willie Collum Show’. He’s no biased; just totally incompetent. And once again it was all about him and his ego.

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