David Potter’s Reflections: “The O*d F*rm game is over-rated”


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If last Tuesday was bad, Saturday was very good indeed. The team was sparkling, playing intelligent and productive football and banishing the depression on midweek at a stroke. Of course, there is a huge difference between Paris Saint Germain and Ross County, but then again, both our main challengers for the League had teams of the calibre of Ross County to play this weekend, and could only draw. Well done, Thistle and Killie!

It was a funny team selection, I thought, but it was certainly successful. Faults were few, and the team knitted together well, delighting the large crowd with some good passing and movement. Several times, I admit, I felt that if we had played like that on Tuesday instead of waiting for it to happen, things might not have been half so bad. But then again, the past is past, and lessons have to be learned for the future.

The goasl were all well taken. The first half ones scored by Rogic and Dembele showed yet again the benefits of shooting from outside the box, getting the benefit of surprise. And James Forrest was on the spot to score a rebound, while his second goal was simply superb and will surely go a long way to silence his detractors.

For me the Man of The Match should have been Tommy Rogic, rather than Scott Brown. Not that Broonie was bad, but Rogic was better simply because of his willingness to run at the defence. His passing and shooting were also first class. Another star today was Tony Ralston, a boy who is growing in confidence the more we see him. The thought occurs to me that we have now managed to “breed” from our own resources a right back and a left back. Any chance of a top rate centre half? Nor do I need to remind you that the Lisbon Lions were begot in this fashion!

Craig Gordon’s save in the early part of the second half was simply superb, and bears out my opinion that he is simply the best shot stopper around at the moment. I have been critical of other parts of his play, notably his kicking, but that save deserved the standing ovation that it got from so many of the crowd.

Jonny Hayes remains enigmatic. He stayed, it seemed, on his wing too much – but then again, maybe he was told to do that – and he did have a few good runs, but his deliveries were far too often disappointing. He still seems to lack the confidence (which occasionally came close to arrogance) that he had at Aberdeen. And yet his potential is enormous, but he must remember that a cross is only good if there is someone waiting for it. The hopeful belt across the park, like old Izzy used to do far too often, is of little value.

The much reviled Nir Bitton was good, I felt, but our two forwards Griffiths and Dembele were ever so slightly disappointing. Leigh simply had an off day, and Moussa still seems a little short of match fitness. It will be interesting to see which of the two gets the nod for Dens Park and Ibrox. Perhaps both will?

There was nothing much wrong with the rest of the day. The Green Brigade were at their best (ie no flares) and loads of loud encouragement, no silly ned ran out to kick anyone, Ross County were dignified and sporting in defeat and even the referee (our old friend Mr McLean) had not a bad game, getting more calls right than otherwise. And even at the end, the sun came out! And best of all, there were no roadworks to stop us getting home!

So, we now have three away games in three separate competitions. The supporters are now focused on Ibrox next week, possibly to the detriment of the other two games. The Old Firm game is over-rated, in my view. Even if the worst comes to the worst, we will still be above them in the League, whereas a defeat at Dens Park means no treble this year, and a defeat in Belgium plunges us even further into the mire of European ridicule. Yes, yes, I want to beat Rangers too, but it is not an overwhelming disaster if we don’t. But let’s face Dens Park and BT Sport on Wednesday night first. Watch incidentally, the packed Celtic End with hundreds wanting a ticket and unable to get one, and loads of space in all the Dundee stands. Seems a bit silly to me, don’t you think?


  1. Liquidation
    Posted September 17, 2017 at 9:16 pm | Permalink

    The ‘O.. F…’ is over mate! It’s just a Glasgow derby at best

  2. Charles
    Posted September 17, 2017 at 11:33 pm | Permalink

    While I agree with the sentiment, it is a big game in as much as the crowd will be one of the biggest in the UK. It is a very winnable game for us these days and as such it is great preparation for the important game coming up a few days later.

  3. Posted September 18, 2017 at 7:12 am | Permalink

    Spot on David, the Hun game isnt the be all and end all, im much more interested in beating Anderlecht, a hell of a lot more important than beating Sevco (which i badly want also), interesting week ahead in which our invincible tag will still be in place and at least a point in Belgium

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