David Potter’s Reflections: “Saturday’s game had almost a routine predictability about it”


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The time was when a win at Ibrox would have been a great achievement and some sort of landmark. Saturday’s game had almost a routine predictability about it. Everyone said that Celtic were going to win, and they duly did. It wasn’t a hammering in the sense that last year’s 5-1 victories were, but it was comfortable as was evidenced by the emptying of the Govan and the Copland Road stands from about the 80th minute onwards.

Celtic were superior in every department. It was a minor miracle that we didn’t score two or three in the first quarter of an hour, and even in the brief moments of Rangers coming into the game, we always felt that Celtic were going to be able to ride out whatever kind of storm Rangers were to inflict upon us. The return of Boyata and Simunovich working together was good and we hope they can stay free of injuries for the rest of the season, and although Lustig had a few moments of weakness, Tierney showed Ibrox just how good he was.

Midfield saw Celtic well on top. Scott Brown fell out with Sr Caixihna, (although I saw no elbow) but played superbly, Scott Armstrong and Tommy Rogic were superb and Patrick Roberts did not look at all out of place wearing the illustrious number 7 – and considering we are taking about Jinky and Henke, that says a lot. Lee Griffiths enjoyed himself as he often does at Ibrox, and took his goal very well indeed.

Rangers had little cause for complaint about the result or about the game which was generally well handled by Craig Thomson. He made a few mistakes but never let things get out of hand, and the main thing was that justice was done.

The grassing of Pedro Caixinha was a piece of light comedy, but may well be symbolic of his downfall which may now not be all that far away. Pedro might have done himself no favours by picking a fight with Scott Brown, and it was lovely to see the dignified and gentlemanly behaviour of Brendan Rodgers at the beginning and the end.

But enough of this game, which is after all 3 points, the same as you get for beating Ross County or Kilmarnock. Anderlecht awaits on Wednesday. Celtic must tear up the script for that one. The script (which has been around for about 20 years or more now) says that Celtic must play badly and lose away from home. Please do not do this, Celtic. We need a new script for a new play, one in which Celtic WIN away from home in Europe. Do it, Celtic! Rise, Celtic, rise! Saturday’s efforts show we have little to fear in Scotland. Time to up a gear, and earn some respect in Europe.


  1. Peter
    Posted September 25, 2017 at 12:07 pm | Permalink

    Agree David.

    I went there in the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s. Not even during Mr Stein’s years did it ever feel comfortable. Only during Martin O’Neills tenure was I ever really confident.

    These are great times, as illustrated in your new book, The Invincibles 2016-17.

  2. Posted September 25, 2017 at 12:16 pm | Permalink

    After what was basically a training session, we now have too up the anti for Wednesday night, and take on Anderlecht in the C/L. But we will win, and will at least get third place, for football after the New Year.! Hail Hail.

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