David Potter’s Reflections: “That is a fine away strip”


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This was a routine, competent, if unspectacular Celtic performance. It was the sort of performance which wins Leagues, particularly at venues which have caused problems in the past (although, if truth be told, we have not very often in the recent past had trouble at Rugby Park). Kilmarnock were not a bad team, and certainly a great deal better than they were 10 days ago at Parkhead in the League Cup, but Celtic were always well on top without ever really reaching top gear. Minds naturally were straying to Kazakhstan.

That is a fine away strip, certainly a great deal better than some of the horrors in pink and black that we have seen in the past. I feel incidentally that we could well have played in the hoops on Saturday without any serious colour clash, but I also know that that is not the point. The point tends, sadly, to be centred on commercial deals and other things. However, if we cannot have the green and white, lime will do. But I think we all like these magical jerseys, do we not?

I liked the banner with the rainbow colours which said that Celtic was a club open to all. That is the way that it should be. Maybe if one were to be hyper-critical of a support that was tremendous throughout, might I suggest that possibly the word beginning with f immediately before the queen might be left out? Not that I want to be accused of being a royalist or anything, you understand, but maybe for good taste, we might express our republican sentiments is a slightly different way?

But to the game. What this game showed, if we ever had any doubt about it, was that we have loads of reserves. Guys like Ralston and Miller would get a regular game for many teams in England (now don’t go asking for transfers, boys!) let alone Scotland, and Ajer is a class act in the middle of the defence. The midfield was on song throughout with Stuart Armstrong even looking happier (let alone playing better) now that he has signed the contract that he should have signed weeks ago. Forrest and McGregor took the goals well, but the motivator was the Wizard of Oz again, Tommy Rogic.

Kilmarnock once again show the folly of crowd segregation. Both Celtic stands full to the gunnels, and the Kilmarnock ones not even half full. Surely a little joined up thinking could have relocated all the Killie boys in one stand and given the other won to Celtic. It would have easily been sold, for this is very definitely a club and an organisation that is on the march.

And so we have a long journey this midweek. No-one will envy them the plane journey, which, they tell me, crosses five time zones, but a 5-0 cushion should suffice. A 0-0 draw which bores every TV audience in Europe will suit me, and then we can concentrate on joint League leaders St Johnstone at Celtic Park on Saturday.

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