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This was a display of football rather than a football match because it was just too one-sided to be considered anything else. It was one of these performances that we have come to expect from this splendid team. Some players were rested, but don’t anyone try to tell me that the team was in any way weakened, for they were more than adequately replaced. Two games remain. Let us now finish the job!

The major issue over the summer will surely be Patrick Roberts. Let us break the bank if we have to, but let us make an offer for this man. He is simply class – his two goals last night were phenomenal – and he has improved immeasurably over the season. In particular his right foot is now a potent force. There was a spell where he was a one-footed player, and opposing defences were beginning to suss him out. I now look forward to see a splendid Scottish Cup final from him after he has demolished Hearts on Sunday. Dare I also look forward to seeing him at Celtic Park next season?

Callum McGregor is now also a very complete player, playing with confidence and verve. He had a great goal as well last night, and once again we look forward to a good Scottish Cup final from him. Leigh Griffiths may have thrown a wobbly when he was taken off, but that is surely a good sign that he was actually wanting to continue playing. The media will, no doubt, make an issue of this. It is trivial, and if anything, a positive sign of his professionalism. He simply “forgot himself” as Brendan says. We too must now forget this episode.

It was my privilege to stand last night closer to the Green Brigade at the front than I have done before. Not all was rosy and pleasant. There was a flare – these things must stop, bhoys! – and the constant waving of flags annoyed people who were wanting to see the game, but the atmosphere that they produced was astounding and noisy, with a particular pat on the back to be given to the beater of the drum. Rarely in 60 years of following the club, have I known such an energised support. And all of them are young! They have a lifetime of watching the green and whites ahead of them. They must not be let down by the club, and I honestly believe that a great future in Europe beckons, although much will depend on what happens in the summer.

First thing first, however. We have, amazingly, never won the Scottish Cup three times in a row. I would like a start to be made to this next Saturday. Ten in a row would be great, but so too would three in a row in what is Scotland’s oldest and most loved competition. Those who don’t have a ticket must get themselves in front of a TV to see what I think might be one of the better Scottish Cup finals. It is ours to win, providing that the “serpent of complacency” is not present. Aberdeen are a good side. We will have to be at our best.

But to return to last night at that funny, quaint Firhill stadium where there is one end with nothing except SKY TV’s pigeon loft (no expense spared!) and a TV cameraman. Odd, but then again Thistle rejoice in being an odd, eccentric club. Last night however, they were already on their holidays, it seemed to me, and those who weren’t very soon wished they were! Still credit to them for what they have done this season, but no credit at all to those who closed off the approach roads to the Motorway, condemning us to a slow painful drive round Glasgow before we got home. What on earth was all that about?

I am frequently derided for praising referees, but here again, one has to say that Mr Dallas had a good game. Not that it was a difficult game to handle, but full marks too to the linesman who spotted that Callum McGregor’s goal was over the line. TV pictures proved that it was, but not all of us thought so at the time.

Hearts on Sunday. I am already looking forward to it. Mr and Mrs Complacency however are not invited.


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  1. Charlie
    Posted May 19, 2017 at 7:17 pm | Permalink

    Come on , give us peace about pat Roberts, yes he has been fantastic for us particularly in the past few months but it’s clear his intention is to return to Manchester, he has had a season and half at Celtic, been good for both parties, but he is gonna move on, fans need to accept this and get behind whoever comes in after him , one fans site after another all saying the same thing , sign him up , unfortunately it ain’t gonna happen so let’s see him finish his time with us going.back with a handful of medals and a lifetime of happy memories on his time at one of the biggest and best clubs in British and European football and see him back supporting the buoys in the future,

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