David Potters Reflections: four really rather unlucky draws


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This was yet another fantastic Celtic occasion, and one which will live long in the memory as Celtic finished off an astoundingly successful League season to end unbeaten with 34 wins out of 38, and four really rather unlucky draws which they would have won on another day. I hesitate however to use the word which begins with I and finishes with “bles” lest I put the hex on them for Saturday’s Scottish Cup final, an occasion which now promises to be quite something.

The game itself was a regulation win rather than a brilliant performance. Goalless in the first half with many misplaced passes and a few players short of their best – Armstrong, Sinclair perhaps – but then two fine goals in the second half with taken by Griffiths and Armstrong with the influence of Patrick Roberts plain for everyone to see. But everyone upped a gear in the second half, with Jozo Simunovich worthy, in my view, of a joint Man of the Match. Hearts did at least try (far more than Dundee, for example, have done of late) and some of their tackles were meaty, to put it milldly, on Griffiths and Roberts. I notice that some of the Hearts fans stayed on at the end to watch the presentation of the trophy. It said something for them, or perhaps they were fifth columnists or infiltrators.If so, that must be some kind of a first with home supporters infiltrating the away end!

But it was of course the atmosphere and the supporters which made the day. The mosaic display before the start was quite something, but it was the scenes at the end which were memorable with the treatment of Kris Commons a real Celtic touch, and the sight of the “staucherin’ wee things” (as Robert Burns says in The Cotter’s Saturday Night) coming out to greet their dads.It was lovely, cosmopolitan, inclusive, triumphant occasion, and we all have every reason to be proud of simply being part of this.

No doubt several of our players will be told by the mischievous and subversive media that their futures should lie elsewhere, and all sorts of ” x or y million pounds” deals will be quoted in order to unsettled our young lions (I use that word deliberately!), but I could not help but look around the stadium to see all these happy faces, and simply wonder why on earth anyone would have the slightest desire to turn their back on that! Eh, Paddy? What do you think? Are you strong enough to hold up two fingers to all these grasping agents and marketers and journalists? Can you tell them where your real future happiness lies? There is no doubt that the fans love you! And Celtic, I am convinced, would make an effort to keep you.

But all these considerations must be put on the back burner for the next week for we have the small matter of the Scottish Cup final to deal with. It will not have escaped anyone’s notice that Aberdeen put 6 past Partick today. Now, granted, we all saw for ourselves that Partick Thistle have been on holiday for the last three weeks, but even so, it will have given the Dons a great boost, and we will certainly know we have been in a fight by Saturday. Man for man, we are better – no doubt about that – but accidents can happen in Cup finals, and we will have to be on song and focussed on the game in hand. It would be annoying to win every domestic game except the last one! So lets get some more silverware before we think of the future. Personally, I can’t wait!



  1. Mike Bhoyle
    Posted May 23, 2017 at 6:32 pm | Permalink

    My sentiments exactly David…4 “unlucky draws “.
    Still…. It can’t be bad if that’s all we have to “complain” about.
    Whoever thought we’d see The Invincibles …??
    I saw my first game in 1957…and never thought I’d witness this…Thanks guys.
    As for Saturday…
    It goes without say that if we play to our best and everyone hits top form…then they won’t live with us…’Cos there’s no one to touch us.
    However…Let’s not get carried away just yet….
    So many factors can make a difference..but let’s hope and pray that BR joins the ranks of the former great ones….and brings home that you know what…:0)
    Hail hail

  2. Boyne Bhoy
    Posted May 24, 2017 at 12:11 pm | Permalink

    Having watched Celtic be TrebleBusters against old Gers (1989?) no complacency Celtic

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