New Coach Park Exiting Procedures at McDiarmid Park


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Sunday will see a new exiting procedure, aimed at getting coaches away quicker, from McDiarmid Park.

Where as before coaches went straight out the coach park onto the A9, coaches will now be asked to turn to the left and head back up towards the entry gate, where they exit by turning right via the slip road gates, at the south west corner of the ground, near to the Newhouse Roundabout onto the A9.

Coaches are asked when they are ready to go, that they switch on their hazard lights to let the Police and Stewards know. Coaches departure will be staggered onto the A9 to keep disruption for other road users to a minimum.

There is a temporary traffic restriction order in place and Police Scotland will be manning the route, which will hopefully lead to a quick departure.

All coach drivers will be handed instructions when parking on Sunday and we will liaise with St Johnstone post match regarding how this new procedure has worked.

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