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Eddie McGaw is a well known face at Celtic Park and also at away grounds up and down Scotland. He is a member of Creetown and District CSC whose flag is a permanent feature of home games in the Jock Stein stand.


Eddie has recently returned from Nakuru in Kenya. For the last 5 years he has visited Kenya on charity trips. These are no ordinary trips. These trips see Eddie and his helpers get their hands dirty and renovate properties, help out in schools and donate clothes.


This year saw Eddie travel with ex pro footballer Brian McPhee and Lori Gallagher and their efforts were based in the slum area of London Hilton. The average weekly wage is £4 per week and the poverty is unreal.


Around 40% of the kids who attend the local school also rummage through the rubbish of the local tip to recycle food that others throw away. The kids also get two meals a day at the school. This consists of porridge and a main meal of ugali and cabbage. School is on 6 days a week and this is the only meal some kids get.



70% of the kids are from single parent families with 10% being orphans. Some of the kids have HIV. They all attend school as a basic education goes a long way. Like most kids the world over they love to play football and their hero is Victor Wanyama. Victor knows of the school and Eddie’s work and donates prizes to help Eddie with his fundraising.  


This year new toilets were fitted in the school with full flush systems. Before the toilet was just a hole in the floor, which caused disease to spread due to the children’s feet and shoes being covered. As well as fitting the toilets this problem was helped by over 200 pairs of shoes being handed out as well as a lot of clothes.



The school was also bought a freezer and a new swing and slide and another local school had a climbing frame installed.



The money raised for this trip saw 200 kids get a treat of a turkey meat and chips bought for them. This was a meal that they won’t forget. 10 families also got an envelope £40 worth of Kenyan Shillings in it. This was all due to Eddie’s friend, Charlie McGinley, who collected the money during lent.


St Jeromes Orphanage also benefited. They were donated a fridge, toys and clothes. The kids were treated to two movie days. The kids watched Frozen and The Lion King and were given crisps, juice and chocolate. Again, a treat that they would never forget! The team also repaired holes in the floors to keep the kids safe


As well as the above two new houses were built for families that live in the local dump and a third family had a roof fitted to their home as it only had a tarpaulin sheet before.   


Eddie is already preparing next year’s trip and his fundraising has already started. This is a truly special and unique trip I’m sure you will all agree. If you want to help Eddie out please get in touch with us here at the Affiliation and we will pass your details on.

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