Ben Nevis Huddle. A Huddlers View


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This year on the 13th June will see the Celtic Charity Foundations now annual Ben Nevis Huddle. Apart from raising money for numerous good causes it also gives Celtic fans the opportunity to get fit and challenge themselves to do something that may have never crossed their mind.

The interview below is with Affiliation member Kevin McCafferty who completed the challenge last year and has signed up again.

Have a read and let it inspire you to sign up also.


What made you decide to sign up for Celtic FC Foundations Ben Nevis Huddle?


I decided to sign up for three reasons. Firstly it was a personal challenge and I felt I could manage the climb. Also a friend involved with the Celtic FC Foundation asked if I would like to take part and I thought that it would be fun and unique – taking part in a Huddle at the highest point in the UK. And finally I knew it would be a great feeling to be doing something for a good cause.

Have you encouraged others to sign up?
Yes, absolutely! I got my son and three guys from my supporters bus (Neil Mochan Denny CSC) to take part and they love

d it. I am sure there will be even more of us taking part this year, it was such a wonderful experience.
Is there a good atmosphere at the summit?

It was great to reach the top, fantastic feeling of achievement and great atmosphere. The huddle was the tops.


And there was a nice surprise for you at the top last year?


Yes!! When we got to the top there was Hoopy the mascot. I couldn’t believe it. Hoopy was there to meet everyone – it was so funny.
How would you describe the feeling of contributing to the success of the Foundations work?

Its a good feeling knowing that your helping others less fortunate than yourself. Its good to give something back.
Do you need to train in advance of the climb?


Yes, at my age (48) you need to do something. I found that a good walk four or five times a week helped me.
Have you already started your training for this year’s event?
I had to lose a bit  weight so yes I’ve started watching what I’m eating and walking whenever I can.
What do you look forward to most?
Getting to the top and a beer at the bottom!
What advice would you give to anyone thinking of participating in this year’s Huddle?

If you get the chance, just do it. It’s also a personal challenge and achievement and I really can’t wait to do it again.





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