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What is the history and story of your club

The bus was formed in 1996 in the backroom of the Village Inn after a few years of friends travelling on the train. Since then it’s catchment area has increased and it now has members from Crieff, Muthill, Raploch, Bannockburn, Cowie and Dunipace. Some of the founding members are still travelling with Gerry Fitzpatrick our honorary chairman.

Who Is your current commitee, how many members do you have and where do you leave from?

The current commitee is Tony Ivatt (Chairman), David Feaks (Treasurer), Craig Hasell (Bus Convener), Lesley Hasell and Karen Alexander (Ticket Ladies) and Kevin Graham (Social Convener).

The bus leaves from the Dunblane Hotel, then picks up at Vinneys Bar Raploch and 1314 Inn Bannockburn.

How would you describe your bus?

A wide mixture of characters but we all get on well and it’s a friendly bus. Like most buses from the middle to the back is not for the faint hearted while down the front is family friendly!  We also have an Addidas trainer addiction thing going on, which sees postings of new trainers appear regularly on our facebook page.

Who is the bus character?

We have a Johnnie Farrell, the Dunblane window cleaner who is afraid of heights. Johnnie has dance actions for every song that comes on the CD player. Johnnie also has his own song, which tells the tale of some bus members stealing his ladders after he went into a papershop. The song has been sung for so long we no longer know if the event actually happened or not.

A mention has to go to Jimbob Hightower for wearing outlandish shirts and last being seen in the Fubar with his supporter of the year trophy….

We are very musical. We have Scoogz who is a well known face after performing at numerous supporters club functions, the Las Vegas Convention and at the Kerrydale Bar this season and we have Souey, who is Liam Gallagher in Scotlands biggest Oasis tribute band…..

Favourite bus moment or story that is printable?

The aforementioned Jimbob Hightower losing his shoes in Lisbon only to find them in a plant pot outside the hotel. Or the time James Gannon stood in dogs sh*t on the way to Peterhead and stunk out the bus. He managed to repeat the feat a few weeks later when he trailed sh*t into a boozer…..

There is also the time that two members of the bus nearly got pulled by customs on the way back from France for deciding that the customs officer looked like Justin Hawkins from The Darkness and that he would like serenaded with a version of “I believe in a thing called love….

Then we have the time one of our members flushed his mobile phone down a public toilet in Milan….

Finally, Karen and Lesley causing a street vendor in Lisbon to sell out of tat…..

Charity, have any of your members done any charity work recently or does the club have a chosen charity.

We donated to the John Hartson Foundation last season and this season we are setting up a monthly Direct Debit to the Kano Foundation.

Does the CSC sell it’s own merchandise?

Yes, we have a range of polo tops and hoodies (see pics).

CSC Contact Details

E-Mail, Twitter @tommygemmellcsc, Phone 07787971933

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