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What is the history and the story of your club?

The club was set up by myself about 3 seasons ago. I realised there was a big group of us who all went to away games but on different busses etc. I thought why not just set one up for all my friends. So that is exactly what I did. Our first trip was to Dundee Utd on the day of the penalty that never was. We have went from strength to strength and have ran large busses to Rennes, Norwich and Brentford.  We are a young bus in every sense of the word as our average age of members is only 23.

Who is your current committee, how many members do you have and where do you leave from?

There is no committee as such as yet. I tend to get everything organised quite easily and if I need a hand with anything most of the boys help out. I am looking to put a committee of 3-5 people in place though as we go forward, not only to make things easier if everyone has separate roles but also to make us more professional and organised.

Since we all live only 10 minutes from Celtic Park we only run a bus to away games which leaves from The Brig Bar in Swinton.

How would you describe your bus?

Absolutely bonkers. From lateral movement to the huddle to crowd surfing, it all happens on every away trip!

Who is the bus character?

We have a few, my brother Kieran for one, give him a pound and smack him on the back of the head and you have a jukebox. Then we have Matt Sheridan and Jonny White, the Bert n Ernie of the bus. Big Basher Barry McCann is one for watching also, he could strip wallpaper with his farts.

Favourite bus moment or story that is printable?

Probably have to be Rennes, we arrive in the city centre at 730am on the day of the game, we find a cafe that sells drink and has a bookies in it. First round one of the guys Uncle Boab (as we all know him) asks for 5 beers in Spanish! Total Only Fools n Horses moment.

Charity, have any of your members done any charity work recently or does the club have a chosen charity.

As we are just finding our feet as a club, we hope to be picking a charity every year and raising money for them through various activities.

Does the CSC sell it’s own merchandise?

We do indeed. We are waiting on our second batch of badges coming through. Selling them at an outstanding price of £3 a badge!

CSC Contact Details

Contact Beagle on 07875759841 or via e-mail on


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