If You Know Your History: THAT DIXIE MELODY



106,102 saw this game on a fine early summer day at the end of which it appeared that little was wrong with the world. Dixie Deans put himself in the same bracket as Jimmy Quinn by scoring a hat-trick in a Scottish Cup final, and Celtic equalled the record for a Scottish Cup final score.

The football played by Celtic was superb throughout.

It was not that Hibs were a bad side. They, in fact, would have beaten anyone other than Celtic that day. Hibs were a good side (they had convincingly beaten Rangers 2-0 in the semi-final), but Celtic were a great side.

They had already won the Scottish League for the seventh year in a row and they absolutely teemed with fine players – Bobby Murdoch, Jimmy Johnstone and the emerging Kenny Dalglish.

But they had suffered two bad blows that year. One was the inexplicable loss of the League Cup to Partick Thistle that autumn (something that can only be explained by complacency), and the other was the recent defeat in the European Cup semi-final against Inter Milan on a penalty shoot-out after a goalless 180 minutes in both Milan and Glasgow.

The man who had missed the only penalty kick was Dixie Deans, so if there was anyone with a point to make to the Celtic supporters, it was Dixie.

And how well he did it! Three great goals, the middle one being a collector’s item of rounding a goalkeeper and scoring, and Billy McNeill scoring the first one and Lou Macari the last two.

It was quite simply Celtic at their best, and what a pity it was that they had not done likewise in the European semi against Inter. They would surely have gone on to lift the trophy, for they were simply unstoppable that day, the best in the world.

Hibs would be charitable enough to admit how good Celtic were, but some of their pubescent fans tried a little amateurish hooliganism in an attempt to show the world how thick they can be.

It mattered little. Celtic finished the season on a high note and had now won the Scottish Cup for the 22nd time.

Celtic: Williams, Craig, Brogan, Murdoch, McNeill, Connelly, Johnstone, Deans, Macari, Dalglish, Callaghan

Hibs: Herriot, Brownlie, Schaedler, Stanton, Black, Blackley, Edwards, Hazel, Gordon, O’Rourke, Duncan (Auld)

Referee – Mr A McKenzie, Larbert

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