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It’s not often you turn up for a wake to find the atmosphere more sombrero than sombre but that’s how it was at Celtic Park on Sunday 29th April 2012.

 Paradise was Party Central as the league flag celebrations and administration commiserations got underway.  Scotland’s Shame had been rocked to its’ foundations in recent weeks after Celtic cantered to the title while their very existence came under threat. These were the ingredients for one of the best wakes ever!
What a start this party got off to. The Green Brigade’s massive Horsemen of the Apocalypse banner – Lenny, Hector the Tax Man; the GB Skull and Craigy Whyte (Craigy Whyte – was the centrepiece of a large black flag display in the corner of the Lisbon Lions and North Stand which incorporated large 2-stick flags of gravestones with inscriptions such as ‘Rot In Hell’, ‘Scotland’s Shame’, ‘Big Hoose’, ‘Dignity FC’, ‘You’ll Not Be Missed’ and (my personal favourite) ‘Succulent Lamb’.  It was an audacious and hilarious display by the Green Brigade which received extensive media coverage adding to the greater discomfort of Huns everywhere.  The Horsemen banner now has a higher re-sale value than most of the Rangers first team.

The display helped set the tone for what was to follow follow on the pitch. A strong Celtic eleven driven on by captain Scott Brown were desperate to atone for the last derby performance and bury the desperate claims of Rangers’ apologists of a ‘tainted title’ by ensuring the gap between first and second was greater than the 10 point deduction brought about by administration.  The Bhoys went about their game plan with no little skill and effectively it was game over (and party on!) within half an hour.   Charlie Mulgrew, the current darling of the Celtic support and seemingly everyone’s Player of the Year got the ball rolling into McGregor’s net when he dived full length unchallenged to meet a Kris Commons corner.  Big Charlie struck at the weak heart of Rangers completely undetected in a Craig Whyte-stylee to round off a quite superb season.  On 31 minutes it was Kris Commons who, with a sublime touch from a Hooper pass, left the defence in his wake and chipped McGregor mercilessly to get Celtic Park rocking and Rangers reeling. 

The Celtic support dusted down an old ditty from the ’70s as they roared “Celtic’s on the ball again, we’re on our way to make it Ten – Bye Bye Rangers!”  We may well be on our way to the magical ten given the straits that the Ibrox club are in with the possibility of liquidation and demotion on the horizon . . . along with Hector the Tax Man.  The Celtic support – with the Green Brigade to the fore – then began to toy with the Great Unwashed in the away end. Although they tried their hardest to be defiant and nonchalant in the face of their club’s demise and another easy derby victory for Celtic they simply failed to convince with the wind taken from their sails at every turn. Their age-old sectarian tune ‘Hullo Hullo’, revived for what might be their last visit to the hallowed turf, was immediately drowned out by the overwhelming sound of ‘Ha Ha! – Ha Ha! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!’, 21 years on from when that first happened at the St Patrick’s Day Massacre back in 1991.  The Celtic support were ssshh-ssshhing each other to goad the enemy once more into verbal battle. When the away end started chanting ‘Bouncy Bouncy’ the Celtic support again humbled them by changing the words to “Liquidation-Liquidation-na-na-na-na-na-na!” as the whole stadium went pogo mad . Just as on the field, the Huns didn’t know what hit them. When their chant of ‘Super Ally’ went up, in perverse honour of the worst Rangers manager since LeGuen, it was overwhelmed by ‘Campeone! Campeone! Ole! Ole! Ole!’.  As if that wasn’t enough when they tried to sing that they were ‘Rangers Til I Die’ they were quickly advised  that they were only ‘Rangers Til July’ as their shameful history threatens to be wiped out by their financial mis-management. The Sound of Silence became the favoured song of the away end.  

At half-time the molligation continued when fans in the Jock Stein Stand unveiled a series of messages including ‘Arrividerci’, ‘Adios’ and ‘Auf Wiedersehen’ while a yellow papermill banner in the North Stand spelt out the lyrics to the Vera Lynn song, “We’ll Meet Again.”.  Even the Main Stand got in the act with a ‘We Are All Craig Whyte’ banner.

The second half saw the Bhoys off to a flier again, the three-man defence creating a platform for Celtic to virtually attack at will.  The points were tied up within ten minutes after a Samaras pass was rifled past McGregor by Gary Hooper from a considerable distance.  The Rangers keeper looked as punch-drunk as their support by this point.  The party was back in full swing and so was the humiliation of the bluenoses.  The full repertoire of “. . . when Rangers Die!” chants was given an airing from Having A Party through to Jelly and Ice Cream, Doing the Huddle, Doing the Broony and Taking Our Tops Off.  The best was probably “We’re Passing the Coffin When Rangers Die!” as not two but three cardboard coffins were hoisted up, up, up and away in the Lisbon Lions and North Stands.   An array of papermill banners unveiled throughout the second-half by the Green Brigade also captured the mood of the Celtic support superbly.  These included ‘Glasgow’s Green and Whyte’, ‘This Isn’t the Beginning – It’s the End’, ‘Your Grandchildren Will Be Celtic Fans’, ‘Up to Your Knees in EBTs’ and ‘No Loyalty to the Crown Brought You Down!’

It was sad it had to end.  It was also sad the gap only stayed at three goals as Celtic took their foot of the gas in the second half with the job well and truly done.  Who knows if – or even when – we’ll have the dubious pleasure of the Great Unwashed visit our Dear Green Place again.  On this occasion they left with old favourites such as ‘Always Look On The Bright Side of Life’ and ‘If You’re Happy and You Know It Clap Your Hands’ ringing in their ears and the perennial favourite ‘Go Home Ya Huns’. 

Game Set and Match – humbled on the field, humiliated off it. Wakey Wakey!!! 

To enjoy photos of the Green Brigade’s molligation of the away support please visit:

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