Affiliation Constitution


1.The organisation will be known as “The Affiliation of Registered Celtic Supporters Clubs”

2. It will be set up to further the aims, ideas and principles of Glasgow Celtic Football Club.

3. The committee will consist of a Chairman, President, Secretary, Media Officer,  Treasurer, Ticket Convenor, Voted to office by member clubs at an annual general meeting unless otherwise agreed at annual general meeting.

4. Membership will be available to all clubs registered at Celtic Park for the fee of £30.00 per club per season. (or whatever sum agreed by member clubs)

5. Membership fee’s are payable at the start of each new season.

6. The purpose of this body is to promote harmony and co-operation between all member clubs in travel, fundraising, charitable causes and social activities, co-ordinating to take advantage of facilities made available to a larger unit and to get the best possible financial terms in relation to costs.


7.To work with Celtic to ensure they fulfil their social responsibility to all fans with ticket prices. That there is full transparent negotiations regarding pricing for all games and that Celtic make every conceivable attempt to make the ticket prices affordable to all and explore all avenues to maximise attendances.


We will also work with all governing bodies to ensure that they fulfill their social responsibility to all fans with ticket prices.


8.To work with Celtic towards a ticket allocation policy which tickets are allocated on fair and equal terms where loyalty not money or status is rewarded with attendance at all games(home/away and domestic/european) taken into account.

9.To work with Celtic to improve the match day experience for all

10.Regular updates either by meeting or via e-mail so those representatives of each member club can attend to discuss all relevant business. Make decisions and vote on policy matters affecting “The Affiliation”.

11. We would ask that every effort is made to ensure that good behaviour and discipline is maintained in all travels etc when following Celtic Football Club. If indiscretions are committed and are proven, this could possibly effect the allocation of tickets due to the offending from Celtic Football Club for future matches. Everything possible will be done at all times to ensure the good name of Celtic Football Club and to enhance the reputation of Celtic supporters throughout the football world.

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